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"I just got divorced. Mr. White and his staff were amazing through it all. 20 hearings and a trial, over one year, and I got sole custody, supervised visitation, the ability to move, and child support. My husband went through two lawyers, spent most of our money and harassed me the whole time. Through it all I was an emotional wreck and the support, understanding, and patience of Mr. White and his staff got me through it."

Andrea M

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Serving the Irving, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Surrounding DFW Metro Areas


Family Law (Irving, Tx Attorney)

A large part of the firm’s practice is in Family Law. It  is a big area and we cover it all, from Divorces to CPS cases.

That includes (but not limited to), a nice legal term, Divorce, Custody, Child Support (both back and current), Attorney General Cases, Paternity, Adoptions, Visitation and Access, Modifications, and CPS actions.

The other lawyer in your case will know our firm has no problem taking your case to trial and that fact alone settles cases. No one wants a trial. No one wins. And the costs are heavy, both emotionally and financially.   Our experience allows us to counsel you on all the available options and possible results early so we can together forge a plan of attack and work together for the best result. You will not be left alone to wonder what will happen, but will be involved in the process all the way from day one.


Criminal Defense (Irving, Tx Attorney)

The firm handles all types of Criminal cases in all County Courts (Misdemeanors) and District Courts (Felony) in Dallas and Ft. Worth, and in some cases Ellis County.

The fact that we have handled over 2500 such cases in the last 32 years has given us a good understanding of the system, what is possible and realistic and we make sure that this information is communicated to YOU.

You are involved in the decision making process at all stages so you can feel secure in whatever outcome is derived.


Wills & Probate (Irving, Tx Attorney)

We will counsel you on all the possible options to include in your will so your desires are realized, but more than that we try to make the process simple and easy. Most of the time you can call and talk directly with my office with all of the information being discussed on the phone, so that when you come in all you need to do is sign your will. This minimizes the trips you need to make and allows you to get your will quickly and easily.

Should you need to probate a will, we will sit down and explain all the types of probate available and the costs. Surprisingly, many times there are faster and cheaper methods available under the Probate Code than a full blown probate, and in some cases probating a will is not even necessary. Let us explain the system in a way you can understand so that we can work together for your benefit.

For those seeking legal assistance, please remember that your first consultation is free.

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